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Port LBV 2001 Wine  

LBV 2001 Portal Port

Name: LBV 2001 Portal Port (375ml)

2 Words Description / Style: LBV Port

Product Page:

Name: Late Bottle Vintage Port

Region: DOC Douro

Tinta Roriz(25%), Touriga Franca (15%) and Others (30%)

Producer: Quinta do Portal

Description: An LBV with a little bottle ageing that has developed this late bottled vintage into a delicious, less full fruited port. If you enjoy an LBV freshly opened and with a bit of complexity then this fits the bill. With it being in half bottles you can enjoy a few glasses of high quality port and not worry about deterioration when opened. A great after dinner option for real port lovers. Some sediment is present.

2 Words Description / Style; Late Bottle Vintage Port

Serving Temperature: Room temperature

Alcohol content: 20%

Suggestions: Matched very well with smoked and lighter blue cheeses.

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Wine Pairing: LBV01 Portal port – LBV05 Portal port – Vintage 2003 Portal port – LBV 05 PV port

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