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Portal Fine White Port  

Fine White Port

Name: Fine White Port

2 Words Description / Style:  White Port

Product Page:

Name: Fine White Port

Region: DOC Douro

Grape Varieties: Classic white varieties from Douro Valley such as Malvasia Fina(30%), Viosinho(30%)  and Gouveio(40%).

Producer: Quinta do Portal

Description: A very versatile white port.  It has all the exceptional qualities that make port wine recognized all around the world.

Serve chilled for a delicious aperitif or after dinner port due to it being medium bodied with a slight sweetness. With a delectable honey and nut taste it’s a lighter port option. Great potential as long drink with tonic water, lemons and mint leaves.

2 Words Description / Style; White Port

Serving Temperature: Serve chilled as an aperitif (10C) or room temperatures as an after dinner drink

Alcohol content: 19%

Suggestions: Ideal with goat’s cheese, olives, roast almonds, trifle and fresh fruit.   After a bottle has been opened it keeps for 6 months in the fridge.

Wine Pairing: Fine White port – Extra Dry White port – Lagrima White port – PV White port

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