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Lagrima White Port

 Name: Lagrima White Port

2 Words Description / Style: White Port

Product Page:

Name: Lagrima White Port

Region: DOC Douro

Grape Varieties: Classic white varieties from Douro Valley such as Malvasia Fina, Viosinho and Gouveio.

Producer: Quinta do Portal

Description: The sweetest white port from Quinta do Portal is the original type of white port. The fruit and freshness perfectly balance the alcohol and the sugars of the Lagrima. It is deliciously sweet to make it the perfect partner for your dessert.

2 Words Description / Style; white port

Serving Temperature: 12C

Alcohol content: 19.5%

Suggestions: Fruit and sweet desserts. Matches perfectly with goats and blue cheese. Also can be enjoyed by itself as an after dinner drink.  After a bottle has been opened it preserves for 6 months in the fridge.

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Wine Pairing: Lagrima White port – Fine White port – PV White port – Moscatel de Setúbal

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