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Port Cellar Reserve  

Cellar Reserve Port

Name: Cellar Reserve Port

2 Words Description / Style: Fine Ruby Cellar Reserve

Product Page:

Name: Cellar Reserve Port

Region: DOC Douro

Grape Varieties: Traditional red varieties from Douro

Producer: Quinta do Portal

Description: A great character Port that is very complex. This wine is unique; it is a blend of the Quinta do Portal wine maker’s choice selected from vintage grapes. The result is a highly distinctive round, fruity, elegant after dinner Port that needs to be verified by the port institute to be passed as a port of reserve standard.

2 Words Description / Style; Fine Ruby Cellar Reserve

Serving Temperature: Serve at Room temperature.

Alcohol content: 20%

Suggestions: Soft cheese, dark chocolates. It is an after dinner Port. You can keep this Port for around 4 months after opening.

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Wine Pairing: Cellar Reserve Portal – PV Ruby port – LBV 05/03 Portal port – LBV07 PV port

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