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Este Red

Name: Este Red

Style: Vinho Verde ( red green wine)

Product Page:

Name: Este Red

Region: Vinho Verde DOC, Lima sub-region.

Grape Varieties:  60% Vinhao, 30%Barrocal and 10% Espadeiro.

Producer: Adega de Ponte da Barca

Description: Este red wine is a “Vinho Verde” with a heavy ruby colour, balanced, consistent, with classical aromas and modern character. This red wine reflects the liveliness and freshness of the typical northern Portuguese landscapes and it produces a unique low alcohol red that is growing in popularity. The low alcohol together with the slight sparkle gives it a unique crisp and fresh character.

Serving Temperature: 10 – 13C

Alcohol content: 9%

Vintage: 2013

Suggestions: Popularly drank in Portugal with a variety of fat meats especially roasted or grilled.

Wine Pairing: Este Red – Este Vinhao Red – S. Joao Red Sparkling Brut  – Azulejo Red

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