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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Producer: Herdade do Monte Novo e Figueirinha
Varietal: Galega Vulgar, Cordovil de serpa and Cobrancosa
Region: Alentejo, Portugal.
Style: Non-Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Awards: Mario Salinas global competition. Gold medal in 3 years
Soil Type: Clay-limestone.
Clime: Mediterranean.

Nutritional Values 100gr
Energy (Kcal/Kj) 890/3724
Lipids: Totals 98
Saturates 10
Monoinsaturates 70
Polinsaturates 18
Protein 0
Carbohydrates 0.2
Vitamin E 15mg
Cholesterol 0



Characteristics: This is an extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from the olives solely by mechanical processes. Cool extraction in order to keep the flavour of the fruits of our olive trees. Fresh aroma with a intense flavour and a slight pungent.
Suggestions: Fantastic salad dressing, pasta oil, dipping oil with wonderful natural flavours
Acidity: 0.2%

Available Sizes
 : 5 Litres and 500ml bottles

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Mario Solinas 2009

Mario Solinas 2007

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