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Moon Harvest red Wine  

Moon Harvest Red

Name: Moon Harvest Red

Style: Silky, mouth-watering red

Product Page:

Name: Moon Harvest Red

Region: Vinho Regional do Alentejo

Grape Varieties : Alicante Bouchet

Producer: Herdade dos Grous

Description: Just like it influences the tides, the moon also influences the sap inside the vine. This amazing award winning wine’s grapes are hand picked at the time when the moons influence is at its most favourable. An original style of wine that is tested by comparing it with wine made from grapes from the same vineyard picked at a less favourable time of the moons influence. The difference is amazing and it is clear why this wine has been on the 50 Great Wines of Portugal list in previous years.

Deep, concentrated ruby colour; complex aromas of matured fruit and subtle oak nuances. Full-flavoured, round, silky and mature tannins.

Serving Temperature: 14 – 16C

Alcohol content: 15%

Vintage: 2011

Suggestions: Perfect combination with rich red meat dishes and powerful flavours. It also matches with game and high protein cheeses

Wine Pairing: Moon Harvest red – Poco do Lobo Reserva red – Sagrado red – 23 Barricas red

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