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Red MUTANTE wine  

Mutante Red

Name: Mutante Red

Style: Intense, blackcurranty red

Product Page:

Name: Mutante Red

Region: DOC Douro

Grape Varieties: Touriga Nacional and Old Vines varieties

Producer: Quinta do Sagrado

Description: Made with many different varieties from their traditional old vines, this PV gem evokes the wines ability to transform and evolve. 11,866 bottles of this vintage were produced and due to the addition of grapes from their old vines (mixture of vines that have grown over decades and many varieties can not be identified. Used in many port blends) it makes the wines unique, vintage specific and a discovery with every sip. Hence the name, Mutante.

Serving Temperature: 18C

Alcohol content:13.5 %

Vintage:  2007

Suggestions: Drink with roast or grilled red meats, especially lamb. It also matches with game and high protein cheeses.

Wine Pairing: Mutante red – 23 Barricas red – Moon Harvest red – S. Joao Reserva red

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