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Rose Arqueiros Wine  

Arqueiros Rosé

Name: Arqueiros Rosé

Style: Delicate Rose

Product Page:

Name: Arqueiros Rosé

Region: Vinho Regional Beira Atlantico

Grape Varieties: Castelão

Producer: Adega da Batalha

Description: This light rosé has pleasant fruity aromas with raspberries, strawberries and cranberries coming through. Its mild acidity and soft finish will appeal to people who enjoy light, easy drinking rose. It has a light sparkling finish that helps to clean and refresh your palate.

Style: Delicate Rose

Serving Temperature: 8 C

Alcohol content: 10.5%

Vintage: 2012

Suggestions: Sushi, light salads and a great summertime drink.

Wine Pairing: Arqueiros Rosé – Estreia rosé – Azulejo light white – Vale dos Barris rosé

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