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Vins Rudlanske Biele (Pinot Blanc)

Name: Vins Rudlanske Biele (Pinot Blanc) White

Style: Crisp and Aromatic  white.

Product Page:

Name: Vins Rudlanske Biele (Pinot Blanc) White

Region: Malokarpatska, Modransky.

Grape Varieties: Rudlanske Biele  (Pinot Blanc)

Producer: Vins

Description: This grape from Swiss origins is a result of crossing Riesling and Silvaner. This early ripening grape has notes of peach, grapefruit and with balanced acidity, roundness and a wonderfully complex finish. Its a wine with several layers what make it very interesting to your taste buds.

Serving Temperature: 8 – 10C

Alcohol content: 13%

Vintage: 2011

Suggestions: Great with less aromatic and low fat cheeses. Also savoury food such as fish and white meats.

Wine Pairing: Vins Riesling white – Riesling ELESKO white  – Gaudio Alvarinho White

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