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White Ala Dos Namorados Wine  

Ala dos Namorados Light White

Brand: Ala dos Namorados, Light White.

Year: 2010

Style: Citric Light White

Appelation: Vinho Reginal Encosta de Aire.

Varieties: Fernao Pires and Tamarez.

Region Characteristics: Estremadura is the largest wine producer region. It is a temperate climate without large thermal amplitude.
Fermenting tanks: Small stainless steel “Lagares”.
Fermentation: 12 days in a temperature of 18C.

Wine Analysis:
Alcohol in wine: 9.5%
Reducer Sugars: 8 g/l
Total acidity: 6.8g ac. Tart/l

Storage: Bottles should be kept in an airy room at room temperature and humidity with no direct sun light or di-rect heat. This wine should be drank on the year of pur-chase.

Colour: Citrine.

Tasting Notes: Attractive refreshing aromas. Showing fruits and some flower notes. On the palate it has good acidity and is extremely well balanced.
Winemaking Suggestions: Should be drank cold between 6-8 C . Because of this freshness it is an excellent wine to drink on its own as an aperitif and it also match’s with seafood, light meals and grilled fish!

Winemaker: Antonio Ventura.

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