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Meet Kevin


Where are you from?

I am afraid I am not as exotic as my partner. I am from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire but have travelled Asia and Australia, lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and in the north east since 2003.

What is your earliest wine memory?

My family are not wine drinkers so apart from sneaking a bit of sherry from my father’s Christmas bottle I was a late comer to wine. I enjoyed it from about 18 years onwards but my epiphany moment came from a visit to a winery in Clare Valley Australia. They had 2 wines made from the same vineyards, same year, same process but one was aged in French oak and the other American.

The difference was so stark it was amazing. The aromas of the French oak were floral and involving and the American oak was more austere and robust. This was my turning point in wine. What else made the wine taste so different, the grapes, the climate, the year?

Why did you start a Portuguese wine importing business?

I must have led a sheltered life because before I met Marta I had never tried Portuguese wine, always opting for the usual suspects and finding them pleasant but not special. Life’s too short to just find things simply pleasant, I now want to love every bottle I open and Portuguese wine really fits that bill. For a fraction of what you pay from other old world producers you will find fantastic quality and amazing variety. I open a Vinho Verde and it takes me to the green hills of the Minho, I open a big Alentejo red and the aromas are so involving I could be there. Portuguese wine is on the up and I believe it will continue to rise. I am pleased we joined it at the ground level as are our customers

What is a great simple food and wine match using your wines?

I had our Estreia Loureiro Vinho Verde with a rare fish and chip supper recently. Marta told me the match would be good and how right she was. I have frequently been told that champagne is a great match with this meal but due to not having a bank account in Switzerland I have shied away from it. Instead I chilled a Vinho Verde and the combination was delightful. The slight fizz and acidity cut through the grease and the minerality was perfect with the fish. Accompanying and not competing. It’s well worth a try.

What are your hobbies and interests besides wine?

I love the outdoors. I have completed some long distance walks in Cumbria and Scotland and want to do more including Hadrians Path and the Great western Way. That is a great aspect of life in Northumberland, it’s surrounded by national parks and wonderful countryside where I can get out and walk and breathe fresh air.

Apart from this I am an avid sports fan and watch tennis, football, golf, cricket and rugby whenever possible as well as trying to participate in whatever I can force my aging body to do.

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