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Meet Marta

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Where are you from?

I am from different areas in Portugal. I was born in Lisbon but spent most of my youth between the Algarve and my family’s cork farm in the Alentejo. I then studied in the beautiful city of Coimbra and then lived with my family in Lisbon.

What is your earliest wine memory?

From an early age I used to spend days on the cork farm with my father, meeting wine producers and people from all over the world who visited to see the cork trees, meet my father and negotiate prices. Portuguese cork is the best in the world and it was common for me to meet representatives from champagne houses and Bordeaux estates. My knowledge and passion for Portuguese wine is down to the influence of my family. At a young age they used to let me have a little wine. One special day when I was 12 I visited Vila Nova de Gaia with my family and we had a port tour and I remember how much I liked white port. I liked it so much that at the end of the tasting I went around the room finishing any white port that was left by the tour. Without my family knowing of course!

Why did you start a Portuguese wine importing business?

My intention when I started Marta Vine was to make Portuguese wine more accessible to the British public and along with that to sell the idea of Portugal to people. The United Kingdom is such an important market for wine and we are doing our best to promote Portuguese wines and their regional diversity. As I speak the language and have the local knowledge I can source individual delights that other agent’s can’t. For example we have a fortified rosé wine that is produced by a few small villages in the mountains of eastern Portugal. It’s very local and very delicious and in my catalogue

What is a great simple food and wine match using your wines?

I always advise trying one of the white ports (the Quinta do Portal Fine White is good but the Lagrima is a better match) with a hard goats cheese. I love a warm goats cheese salad and when you try the port and the cheese it comes together to create the same flavours. You get a mouth full of flavours led by warm honey and nuts. It’s a match made in heaven that should be tried by everyone.

What are your hobbies and interests besides wine?

I love to cook and entertain. I am always looking for new flavours and have recently visited Sri Lanka and have come home with a host of new ideas and tastes to experiment on my friends and family. I love living in the north of England, not only because the people are so nice but because it also has a beautiful unspoilt coastline. My heart is by the sea and I like to go to it whenever possible. Getting fresh fish from North Shields, walking along the beach at Alnmouth or just sitting there and breathing in the air. It’s my perfect way to relax and clear my mind.

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