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Quinta do Portal is a unique, family, fine winemaking company based in the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal. This region has earned the reputation for producing some of the best Portuguese Wines. It is a magical wine growing country. Remote and inaccessible. The soil is mostly schistous granite, so hard that the wine terraces have often to be dynamited and bulldozed out of the almost precipitous hillsides. In the old days this backbreaking work was done by hand. Quinta do Portal vines has been grown in this harsh and beautiful land for many hundreds of years. Winemakers for centuries have understood that forcing the old vines to work hard to find water, driving their tap roots deep into the mineral soil, has the effect of extracting unique flavours into the grapes. These distinctive taste characteristics emerge in the region wines.

Quinta do Portal forms part of the new and enthusiastic generation of Estates “Quintas” in the Douro that have been impressing wine lovers who are rediscovering this region, famous since immemorial times for Port Wine and that today is also recognized for its superior DOC Douro Wines. The wines from Quinta do Portal are very often recommended in the Decanter Magazine as wines of the month and good buys. Quinta do Portal has a vast repertoire of winning awards, medals and good international marks for DOC Wines, Ports and Moscatel in all international wine contests. It is not just wine at Quinta do Portal! Everyone can stay in “Casa das Pipas” and “Casa do Lagar” located at Quinta do Portal. Apart from learning more about the first demarcated region in the world and its wines you can also experience some of the vineyards works, including participating in the harvest. It was recently awarded with a national prize on the Best Of Wine Tourism Awards!                                                 


  • Extract from ‘TheFood and Wine Lovers Guide to Portugal’. Charles Metcalfe and Kathryn McWhirter. 2008 : “The Branco family only had experience of growing grapes for port so they consulted Pascal Chatonnet, a well known Bordeaux oenologist. And the results have been terrific. The top of the range Portal wines have won very high awards in international competitions. And then there are the Moscatels. These are probably the best examples of fortified Moscatel you will find in the Douro”
  • Extract from Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2010.                                                                                   “Well known, highly reputed vinery in terms of quality standing. New plantings and winery reaping dividends at former Sandeman estate; satisfying red wines and Port”.



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Our philosophy is a simple one.
We wish to make the best wines and fortified wines from the special grape varietals grown in this unique demarcated wine area of the Douro.

We use the five key red grape varietals grown in this region, allied to the finest expertise in the use of new oak maturation, to make startling new red wines of unique quality. This has meant seeking long and detailed advice in Bordeaux from Pascal Chatonnet of the world famous Institute d’Oenologie. This has led to very considerable investment in the use of new oak barriques since 1993.