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Adega de Ponte da Barca

PRODUCER: Adega de  Ponte da Barca / Viniverde.

LOCATION: Vinho Verde region,Ponta da Barca

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Ponte da Barca winery was founded in 1963.  It is now one of the bigger Vinho Verde wineries located in the valleys of the Lima and Vez Rivers.  It is formed by several co-operators from the region.

The demarcated region of Vinho Verde was established in 1908 and is one of the most ancient demarcated regions in the world. The Vinhos Verdes production has a wonderful and verdant landscape in the background. Its history possesses scenery from a unique and involving area with manor houses and  old estates.

Due to a great variety of microclimates, the demarcated region of Vinhos Verdes is divided into nine sub-regions such as Moncão, Lima, Cavado, Ave, Bastos, Sousa, Amarante, Balão and Paiva.

The Ponte da Barca region is located in the heart of the Alto Minho, and derives its name from a bridge that replaced the boat once used to ferry pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela across the River Lima.

In order to keep up with the new market tendencies, the winery has been equipping itself with modern and sophisticated technologies over recent years which, combined with traditional methods, allows it to guarantee the quality, authenticity and image that its wines hold in the market today.Image17

In 2002, the Adega da Ponte da Barca has completely remodelled its image in the market and the Quality Management System Certification was given to this winery according to the international ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Ponte da Barca winery possesses an increasing visibility both at a national level and on the global market. Due to the excellence of its wines, this winery has become worthy of unanimous praise not only by specialized critics but also by consumers in general. In fact, because of this, it has received several awards in global competitions.