Free Guided Trip Around Portugal With Marta

We are very happy to announce our amazing competition in honour of our shiny new website! We will be taking 5 of our best customers from the independent sector with us on a trip to Portugal for 3 days. Trading in the February lull and duty rise of 8p per bottle from Monday's budget, in favour of amazing food, beautiful scenery, relaxation and of course cracking Portuguese wine. It's a wine tour quite literally taken at a Portuguese pace!

To be with a chance of winning, you just have to keep doing what you're doing... but with a little more focus on Portuguese by offering your lovely customers an Alentejo winter warmer, a big Dao red to go with that meaty stew or a Port to take off the chill after a cold day.

Starting today, the 5 businesses who are the best Marta Vine Ambassadors with the largest total value of orders until February 1st, will receive plane tickets, travel, food, accommodation and lots and lots of wine all on the house!

If you need any help with tips, pairings, etc anything to help sales, we are on hand to help, just drop us an email or a call! You could also refer to our updated catalogue for advice.

Please email us regarding the competition if you have any questions or if you require a new catalogue to your inbox!

- Marta -