New Spanish Wines On The Way This Spring


New Spanish Wines On The Way This Spring

We've had a lots of samples sent to us recently from some of the best new and established wineries in Spain and have vowed to get through all of them, in quest to find quality new additions to our list. There has already been a few nights of heavy tasting, testing and food pairing and we have made some of our decisions. Unfortunately many have not made it through our rigorous testing. However, a few have wowed us with their versatility, great acidity and silky smooth tannins. We now feel we are experts in the Monastrell and Airén grape varieties and we will be bringing to you the best (and only the best) wines from the Alicante region come Spring. Many of which being Organic and Vegan, which as we all know is fast becoming a big focus for your customers.

Until then we have D4 range on our list to help you add something a little different to your Spanish range. 

For more info on these wines you can either reply to this email, drop us a call or consult our handy catalogue/new website!

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