Veganuary isn't just for January?!

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The Facts

Approximately 5% of the UK Is currently Vegan and that percentage predicted to grow exponentially during January and the months following. With plant-based diets gaining popularity online & major supermarkets stocking up on vegan-friendly food. It's definitely the time to take advantage of the fact people are spending more money on vegan products.

If you have some spare cash stuffed in your mattress we would even go as far as recommending an investment in Quorn who have recently decided to change their entire range to vegan!

So what's the deal with wine?

Many wineries still use processing aids/fining agents such as casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder protein). They are filtered from the wine and so are not additives so are not contained in the wine once bottled. However, animal products have still been used in the process and are therefore not Vegan!

Our Answer

Below you will see just a taste of our Vegan range. Make sure you add a few to your next order so that you don't miss out!

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Barrancôa White
- 2016 - 12.5% -

A rigorous selection of the best bunches is conducted at the sorting tables, where they are then destalked. After a slight crushing, the grapes go directly to the vacuum presses, where they undergo a soft pressing so as to provide clean musts, free of any oxidization.

Barrancôa Red
- 2015 - 14% -

Barrancôa is a blend of three grape varieties with three different maturation cycles. Each fermentation is carried out separately, beginning with the Aragonez, followed by Trincadeira and finally Alicante Bouschet. Part of which is oak aged for 8 months.

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Sagrado Reserva
- 2015 - 13.5% -

Made with many different varieties from their traditional old vines, this gem evokes the wines ability to transform and evolve. 11,866 bottles of this vintage were produced and due to the addition of grapes from their old vines (a mixture of vines that have grown over decades and many varieties can’t be identified - used in many port blends).

Pato Frio 
- 2017 - 13% - 

Paulo Laureano has created Pato Frio (which means cold duck) a wine with an intense tropical fruit nose overlaid with hints of citrus and minerals which are the characteristics of this grape variety. On the palate it is rounded with notable freshness that lifts the fruity component of the wine with a long, mineral and persistent finish. A full bodied wine that really stands out on the shelf.

Ben Watson