We know what you might be thinking... More Spanish?! But you’re Portuguese specialists?!


Spanish wine is having a resurgence again across the country and people are no longer just wanting your standard Rioja. It’s been proven in many of the businesses I have spoken to on my travels that different sells!
Over the past 3 years I have been managing a shop in South West London. We were constantly being asked about what new wines were coming from Priorat, Ribera del Deuro and… Alicante!


We know for the past 10 years you have trusted us for a very small area of the Iberian peninsula, however as Marta Vine expands so do our tastes and territories. So, over the past few years we have been testing, evaluating and licking our lips throughout tasting the wonderful samples sent from the beautiful people of Spain! (And poured a few down the sink too!)

Some didn’t make the cut... However, these special little gems were simply ripening, waiting for the day we could bring them to you! And so to those who haven’t already heard about our new Pinoso and Vergel range from Alicante. Now you know, and have no excuse to be missing out on the buzz these wines are creating all over the UK!
Vegan, Organic, Approachable, Interesting, Revisit-able are just of a few of the words being used to describe them.  

While you’re busy emailing us on sales@martavine.co.uk to order them I think Ricardo and I will have another beer!

- Ben, Marta Vine London Team

Ben Watson