Vasco Imperial Stout

Musa, Lisbon

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Beer Name:

Vasco Imperial Stout



An Imperial Stout somewhat light relative to its style that has a medium body that doesn’t denounce the 9% ABV. Still its body is still creamy enough to allow us to fully enjoy the caramel, coffee and dark chocolate notes that are protected by a thick and creamy foam. The aroma is of light coffee and the colour is dark black.

Vasco is a beer that pairs especially well with dry cheeses and desserts like a creamy chocolate mousse. Some heavier dishes like a grilled steak with mashed potatoes and gravy also make a great combination that warms the coldest heart in a cold day.

On the IBU (International Bitterness Units) Vasco is rated 61 out of 100.

Suggestions: Drink Vasco with your friends on a cool Autumn evening while listening to Diabo na Cruz and enjoying a board of typical Portuguese cheeses and sausages.