Caves de São João

Bairrada e Dão


António Saramago & José Carvalheira


Vegetarian & vegan

Environmental Practice:

Sustainable agriculture



Caves São João has one of the oldest cellars in Portugal which reflects their history and reputation in Portugal. Founded in 1920, they are now preparing to celebrate their centenary celebrations.

In 1930 they began their production of sparkling wines that are respected throughout the world and loved in the UK. The table wines use a mixture of Portuguese and international grape varieties and the old vintages are indelible marks for any oenophile.

Nowadays, they have been undertaking massive investment that has allowed equipping the company with the most modern winemaking technologies allowing them to reach an even higher level of quality. Therefore Caves São João are prepared to deal with the future challenges, but always bearing in mind the need to accompany the evolution of the market.

Every year many visitors are dazzled by the beauty of the galleries excavated under the winery with probably the oldest stock of table wines in good condition in Portugal.

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We have been importers for the famous Caves Sao Joao for many years but now we are going to increase our range of old vintages from their famous cellars.

With reds starting from 1975 and whites from 1994 these fabulous wines will be a massive hit in the UK with merchants who want to spoil their customers!

Please get in touch for more information on these fantastic old vintages.