Paulo Laureano


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Sustainable agriculture



The ultra modern winery on the hillside near Vidigueira is the amazing Ribafreixo Wines project by partners Mário Pinheiro (a business man with a passion for wine) and Nuno Bicó (a local agricultural engineer that has always been connected with Alentejo). It sits on the Moinho Branco Estate with its sizeable 114 ha, in a region with a long-standing wine-making tradition.

The winemaker Paulo Laureano, renowned for his “art of crafting wines of excellence”, is one of the fundamental drivers of their growing success and recognition. Factors such as strategic investment in Portuguese varieties, some of which are unique to the Vidigueira region, like the Antão Vaz grape are clearly setting Ribafreixo apart in the increasingly competitive world of wines.

The wines are an expression of the schist soils, the Portuguese varietals and the unique microclimate of Vidigueira, a region that offers ideal conditions for making extremely fresh, mineral and aromatic white wines and reds with finesse and character.