Casa Santos Lima



Diogo Sepúlveda


Vegetarian & Vegan

Environmental Practice:

Sustainable agriculture




Casa Santos Lima is the biggest producer from the Lisboa wine region, responsible for more than a third of the exports of the wine under appellation Vinho Regional Lisboa and DOC Alenquer.

Considerable investment ensures they have the top wine technology for continuous innovation making them one of the most globally decorated vineyards in terms of awards. Casa Santos Lima is family owned (4th generation) with more than 350 ha of vineyards. It was founded by Joaquim Santos Lima at the end of the 19th century who was already a well-known wine producer and exporter.

The Estate is formed by several “Quintas” all belonging to the family for longer than a century. They advanced greatly when Jose Luis Santos Lima (great grandson of the founder) left his financial full time job and started with their own brands and bottle plant.