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Click here to see the full range.

Click here to see the full range.

Spanish wine is having a resurgence again across the country and people are no longer just wanting your standard Rioja. It’s been proven in many of the businesses I have spoken to on my travels that different sells!
Over the past 3 years I have been managing a shop in South West London. We were constantly being asked about what new wines were coming from Priorat, Ribera del Deuro and… Alicante!


We know for the past 10 years you have trusted us for a very small area of the Iberian peninsula, however as Marta Vine expands so do our tastes and territories. So, over the past few years we have been testing, evaluating and licking our lips throughout tasting the wonderful samples sent from the beautiful people of Spain! (And poured a few down the sink too!)

Some didn’t make the cut... However, these special little gems were simply ripening, waiting for the day we could bring them to you! And so to those who haven’t already heard about our new Pinoso and Vergel range from Alicante. Now you know, and have no excuse to be missing out on the buzz these wines are creating all over the UK!
Vegan, Organic, Approachable, Interesting, Revisit-able are just of a few of the words being used to describe them.  

While you’re busy emailing us on sales@martavine.co.uk to order them I think Ricardo and I will have another beer!

- Ben, Marta Vine London Team


One SOLD OUT Orange Wine...

One Pinot Noir PT Nat...

One Crazy Winemaker...

UIVO Has Had A Makeover & Customers Are Loving Them!


Tiago Sampaio

Farmer, winemaker, oenologist, wine producer and salesman. A true one man show, Tiago Sampaio is the founder of the winery Folias de Baco (Portuguese for “Bacchus’ Follies”) as well as an alchemist of its aromas and flavours.

He carries within himself, the dream of one day turning the knowledge he has gathered since he was a boy into reality. With a large part of his education in wine taking place in Portland, Oregon. Tiago returned to the Douro with a “fresh approach” in one of the most traditional wine regions of the world. A different style which makes his wines really stand out.

Tiago Sampaio has always been a wild card. Creating groundbreaking wines such as the Renegado his Red/White grape mix, his PT Nat Pinot Noir and now the Curtido Orange wine. The last of which has now completely sold out. So you’ll have to wait till next year to get your hands on those!

But don’t wait till then to get your hands on these amazing new labels!

About Us

We are Portuguese wine specialists who deal with the acquisition, importing and distributing of unique wines throughout the UK to independent wine retailers and to the on-trade. Our specialist knowledge and bespoke service offers real quality and value to the customer in this ever popular market of Portuguese wine.

Personal Service: when you buy from Marta Vine we not only supply you with delicious wines with an excellent value for money ratio, you also acquire a team who will help you promote and sell the wines to your customers via tastings, samples, marketing material and other useful support.

Smaller Minimum Orders: we have regular monthly delivery routes and deliver free of charge for all deliveries in that area however, if you’re further afield, delivery charges are either free over a specified order quantity (lower than the trade average) or very reasonable.

Unique Products: not only do we supply great Portuguese wines from lesser known and well established producers, we are starting to source wines from other countries from the Iberian peninsula that offer your customers a unique wine experience.  

We’re passionate about our wines and the quality and diversity that Portuguese wines offer the market, so if you have any questions, requests or are interested in stocking our wines, please contact us and we will be happy to offer our expertise.

Meet the team

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Marta Mateus


“I am a passionate lover of Portugal, its traditions, its cultures and definitely its wines. Portugal is home to many unique and flavoursome indigenous grape varieties that coupled with a variety of climates and landscapes make wines of such individuality and flavour that they deserve to be made more available to the British public.”




Kevin Bowers


Before I met Marta I had never tried Portuguese wine, always opting for the usual suspects and finding them pleasant but not special. Life’s too short to just find things simply pleasant, I now want to love every bottle I open and Portuguese wine really fits that bill. For a fraction of what you pay from other old world producers you will find fantastic quality and amazing variety.




Ben Watson

Sales rep

Wine has been a big part of my life for as longs as I can remember. With my Auntie (Marta) & Uncle (Kevin) teaching me about wine from a young age. After managing an independent wine shop in Putney & tasting wines from every country, I still find myself drawn back into the magic that is Portuguese wine. I’m hooked!




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