Vinho Verde


José Antas Oliveira


Vegetarian and vegan

Environmental Practice:

Sustainable practices


The Vinho Verde region is finally being recognised as the wonderfully diverse area that it is. With consumers looking for lighter wines that excite and satisfy, the company Viniverde fits the bill perfectly. It is a holding company founded in 2008 dedicated to the production, commercialization and marketing of diversified DOC “Vinhos Verdes" wines.

Adega Ponte da Barca, the principal Viniverde shareholder has more than 50 years of experience and it is where Viniverde has its headquarters and operations centre. They possess amazing knowledge producing Vinhos Verdes with the grapes coming from Lima sub-region. These grapes used in producing their wines allow young, aromatic, light and fresh wines with globally unique characteristics. The consistency and high quality of their wines have led to many awards and they include the single grape variety wines - Loureiro, Alvarinho and Vinhão.